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Taking on Destruction

Taking on destruction
‘You’re taking on the road of terrible destructions’

The empire turns against itself
The wolves are gathering
About the borders of the soul
I strum my mandolin 

The fascist mob, they seek to rob
The freedoms that we serve
Where humans live in harmony
& Nature do conserve

& there I see the one percent
(Now feel the lion leap!)
Who rob the young, who’ve just begun
(Now see how Justice weeps!)

When wealth that does belong to all
Is stored up by the rich
Who rob the poor, whose pain is raw
& strand them in a ditch

Where laws are written, to preserve
The privilege of the few
By bankers with their tax accounts
& all that dodgy crew

I’m taking on the widening road
Of destruction from the top
My spiritualities practical
I’m never going to stop


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