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Fiadh Sinead is no shade In this androgynous glade But more a deer drawn near Of wild and irrepressible instinct And ancestral knowings Of earth, womb and bones & why would I wish to repress This untamable power Kicking down…

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Evidence Descending the thin track Of inherited memory I arrive at the bubbling springs Of first humanness –  & it seems a forlorn & forgotten place With few reminders of humanities Singular promise But looking deeper, past the rot and…

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You’re not far from servanthood

‘You’re not far from servanthood’ Winter sun Pierces Waikoropupū Mist Solstice Inches closer Your hand rests On my shoulder It’s the long-awaited Culmination Journeys’ end Becomes Journeys’ beginning The way of servanthood Awaits My threadbare Stumbling Shoes ~ Awakening to…

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Contribution The escape from the penitentiary The swig of imagination The riot of gladness The circus of anointing The singular attraction The peace of belonging The fount of good cheer The return of innocence The dominion of inspiration The pageant…

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                         Obstacles Standing mesmerized before the painting in the Art Vault Swirls of dark blue and orange, spun on glass Speak of my struggle to protect you; Te Waikoropupū…

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    Forever I’m full of forever & the memory of jasmine & forever is a rare, rare thing & a pearl and taonga & it travels with me As I fly Sounds Air To George Fox House In Wellington…

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Outstanding The Māori call her a kōtuku;  That oh-so-rare and outstanding woman Rising among us At the moment of our most desperate need With the gift of faithfulness To her uncompromising & sometimes unpopular vision  & can it be, that…

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