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Evidence Descending the thin track Of inherited memory I arrive at the bubbling springs Of first humanness –  & it seems a forlorn & forgotten place With few reminders of humanities Singular promise But looking deeper, past the rot and…

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Contribution The escape from the penitentiary The swig of imagination The riot of gladness The circus of anointing The singular attraction The peace of belonging The fount of good cheer The return of innocence The dominion of inspiration The pageant…

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  14 Day three of invasion & I just can’t agree To utter the name Of the obscenity Fourteen children lie broken Bloody and dead & more will soon follow I know in my head But I simply can’t live…

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         Sight I see in the darkness, Before mind leaps To logic & it’s true & real – Behind me, Fifteen months On the swaying train Which is the campaign to save Te Waikoropupū – Before me,…

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Invitation Join the slouching black-capped man Tap, tap, tapping rabbit keys In the untrapped world Beyond the cesspits Of misinformation Where tap-tapping keys Pounce like cats Check the facts That only silence sings In resurgent hearts On grey days Where…

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Parting I watch from the Arnold River swing bridge Two Black Swans Cut A V Through The Dark Waters Of Kotuku Whakaoho This is not the yoga of rivers But The Yoga Of My River Specific Historic Geographic Personal It…

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