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Psalm 8

Psalm 8 For the Self is the Stone & The Fruit of the Self Is Authenticity Courage Creativity Depth Embodiment Earthiness Vitality Passion Audacity Vision Reverence Resourcefulness Connectivity Originality Insight Humanity Heartfullness Presence Integrity & Fun Such is the Fruit…

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Psalm 7

Psalm 7 I know nothing Of Crazy-Man-Mad River Rising Tumbling Boiling Surging Mine is the knowledge Of fins & gills & tail & Every Natural Thing & How To Be Balanced Easy Behind Big Rock At One with the Great…

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Psalm 6

Psalm 6 I turn my back on all that tempts me to write Any poem, but this poem, fluttering like a white dove Toward the face, unexpectedly present In a line of Greek poetry Randomly selected to begin the day…

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Psalm 5

Psalm 5 when you asked me: ‘why don’t you go to church?’ i spoke of the wild ‘something’ that rose in my dreams mercilessly confronting my every falsity… stripping me, layer by incremental layer with its inflexible word… ‘time to…

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Psalm 4

Psalm 4 i know she will never open to a half hearted man but (perhaps) may consider an earthy fool – a man whose word becomes his word – who knocks at the door of her shrine led by heart’s…

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Psalm 3

Psalm 3 I never knew, Kotuku, my feet were made of clay Till I lost you, my Kotuku, that dark & bitter day I lived a lie, began to die, lost my beloved friend So all alone, I sank like…

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Psalm 2

Psalm 2 ‘Ko to kotuku to tapui, e Tama e' Rare one I hear your radiant command No closer! Yet, before minds stumbling comprehension Step Sink Struggle Twist Drag body Back To solid ground - Glimpse Between tight knit Kahikatea,…

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Psalm 1

Psalm 1 ‘the reason for your life lies deeper’ to fall through death to life is the relentless summons of life to flutter like a leaf beneath the silence of all that once instructed you is the great shock in…

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