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Balls So here’s a riddle for the town Please get your pens & write it down Just how many balls does a redneck have Who attacks a man in a parked up Rav? A stranger, who he’s yet to meet!…

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Wāhi tapu

Wāhi tapu It always happens – The slowing of time as I walk towards you & the noticing of kanuka & rimu & pīwakawaka dancing at my right shoulder & the words wāhi tapu Written in yellow on the green…

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Kaitiaki See now the eagle circle high Above the ancient springs Who knows the hand that brings her here? As loud her cry does ring  Above the waters, she protects This guardian of old Te Pouākai is her given name…

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Waikoropupu It’s beautiful here in the rain Feeling the slow release Of the tensions I bring with me After last night’s meeting & the upwelling of clarity Which is your particular gift & the one we humans sorely need In…

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Angels Twas two fifteen, when I awoke I’m getting old, & that’s no joke & there they were about the bins With open hearts, & mighty grins They just appeared, from there to here They’re on the earth, & somewhat…

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Pilot Whale

Pilot Whale At Tuhuroa, we labour in, the pastures of the sea We’re German, French, & Kiwi too, & form community While all around we hear the sound of Upokohue The pilot whale, she’s on the scales, we fight to…

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Reilly Street

Reilly Street They’re closing down the carpark, way down on Reilly Street Where freedom camper’s laugh & play, & nations smile & greet There’s Spanish here, & German too, & Dutch & French & Jew The nations of the world…

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Redneck Yes, woe to you, the prophet says Who turn from peace to redneck ways Who sneak around at 4 a.m. To hurl your rocks at sleeping men & women too, who do no harm But sleep beside a river calm…

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Roadside Chats (26)

Roadside Chats (26) A week ago I returned to the Wakamarina Valley after a trip to the Golden Bay. As I neared Deep Song I met a neighbour out walking her dogs. I parked my camper in the middle of…

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