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Blue We dress in blue For Te Waikoropupū & our wave breaks through On the suits who peruse From their second floor views Where they spin & confuse While the blue puppet waves & samba drum raves Out here on…

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Predator Te Whiti & Tohu Cross Raukawa Moana & canoe pitches & paddlers hunch & sou’wester Punches  As Te Whiti Stands Tall & leans Into the squall & it’s always the prophets Who Name The predator (The curse Of The…

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Why I came because an illicit wind Pushed & carried & left me, bedraggled & adrift on summer tides ‘Til I washed ashore & was welcomed By the love of the River Tribe – & I stepped beyond the edge…

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Shooting Star

Shooting Star Walking the wildness of Wharariki We meet Toby & Veronica in a clash of waves & Toby speaks of the shooting star Seen the night the River Tribe shared poems   The incandescent spark falling earthward For the briefest…

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Handover  You sing Te Waikoropupu waiata & heart thumps – heart thumps – heart thumps & eyes are full of tears As you speak of the hard road  & those who’ve passed & cannot be here & how Ngati Tama…

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