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  Mates We meet in the fires of conjunction; me speaking of The River Tribe and the bigotry and violence They suffered on the banks of the Takaka River & you, proclaiming Kōtuku, your bird and mine & our friendship;…

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  Kiss This song is true, Te Waikoropupū My beautiful friend – unexpected – dead My fervent friend, who in a spontaneous moment Kissed me, passionate on the open ground Of the Takaka Market, while his friends watched Cool and…

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Closing Closing comes and closing goes & onward as beginnings flow The waters of our ancient land Are teachers where we make our stand They bubble up as noun and verb & by the listeners soon are heard They rise…

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  Annihilation Even now your death forms around you Vladimir Vlandimirovich Though it will not come Among the peace of loved ones But in an inevitable eruption Of violence & in your rage and despair You will find no comfort…

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  14 Day three of invasion & I just can’t agree To utter the name Of the obscenity Fourteen children lie broken Bloody and dead & more will soon follow I know in my head But I simply can’t live…

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Green Face

Green Face Digger rumbles Chainsaw whines In the pines Above Deep Song As I hide & seek The Green faced one Whose apparition cannot be contrived & who I desperately need Following the temporary repairs To Battery Bridge & the…

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         Sight I see in the darkness, Before mind leaps To logic & it’s true & real – Behind me, Fifteen months On the swaying train Which is the campaign to save Te Waikoropupū – Before me,…

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