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Green Face

Green Face Digger rumbles Chainsaw whines In the pines Above Deep Song As I hide & seek The Green faced one Whose apparition cannot be contrived & who I desperately need Following the temporary repairs To Battery Bridge & the…

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         Sight I see in the darkness, Before mind leaps To logic & it’s true & real – Behind me, Fifteen months On the swaying train Which is the campaign to save Te Waikoropupū – Before me,…

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Invitation Join the slouching black-capped man Tap, tap, tapping rabbit keys In the untrapped world Beyond the cesspits Of misinformation Where tap-tapping keys Pounce like cats Check the facts That only silence sings In resurgent hearts On grey days Where…

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Taking on Destruction

Taking on destruction ‘You’re taking on the road of terrible destructions’ The empire turns against itself The wolves are gatheringAbout the borders of the soul I strum my mandolin  The fascist mob, they seek to rob The freedoms that we…

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Parting I watch from the Arnold River swing bridge Two Black Swans Cut A V Through The Dark Waters Of Kotuku Whakaoho This is not the yoga of rivers But The Yoga Of My River Specific Historic Geographic Personal It…

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