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Sinead is no shade
In this androgynous glade
But more a deer drawn near
Of wild and irrepressible instinct
And ancestral knowings
Of earth, womb and bones

& why would I wish to repress
This untamable power
Kicking down doors
Hands on hips
The spark of my ancestors
Down the generations
Of providers, lovers, mothers
Teachers, healers and artists

& the womanly line burns
To speak again
As it has forever spoken
In circles of influence
& whispering corners
Far from lying eyes

& I sense the feminine coalesce
To form a singular ferment
Of unknown influence

The uncontainable voice
Of the human spirit  

& how can I resist?
Nor do I want to –
For I rise to speak
Slow shaken words
Of welcome and respect
For she is Fiadh
My Fiadh

A deer set free

‘Fiadh:’ pronounced ‘Fee…a’ is an Irish feminine name; in Gaelic symbolising; a deer, wildness and respect.

Dedicated to Sinead O’Connor: whose prophetic; spirit, courage, and intelligence will live forever.

‘Shade:’ In poetry and literature a shade is a ghost or spirit of the dead in the underworld.

‘Androgynous:’ An androgynous person has a high degree of both masculine and feminine characteristics.

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