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It’s a coup with algorithms

‘It’s a coup with algorithms’

The coup with algorithms builds over a lifetime
As the path of holy defiance
Draws me deeper

& further

From crowded lanes
& group-think

& I never pause to count
The years

But stubbornly push on
Until the day fire falls through
Open windows

As I realise the faithfulness
Of the algorithms

As they lead me deeper, ever deeper
Into the Great Life

That never



Awakening to the Self is like, ‘a coup with algorithms.’ The pilgrim experiences a progressive takeover of their small life by the algorithms of their Larger Life. This involves the unfolding of unique personal patterns and psychic structures that evolve and open during the development of the Greater Life.

‘Holy defiance:’ is the sacred path of leaving the collective to become a full person (i.e. a unique individual).

 ‘The fire falls through open windows:’ the arrival of the fire of the Self, falling through a seeker’s open windows.



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