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Descending the thin track
Of inherited memory
I arrive at the bubbling springs
Of first humanness – 
& it seems a forlorn
& forgotten place
With few reminders of humanities
Singular promise

But looking deeper, past the rot and dust
Of human greed and destructiveness
I see multitudes of tiny golden threads
Of creativity, compassion
& sacrifice
Woven into the fading fabric
Of Humanity

& my heart’s hit by an unexpected surge
Of the love, tenderness and intelligence
Which carries and births me

& there’s fire in the waters
& hope and resistance
Which is why I return again and again to
Te Waikoropupū

Because the Spirit of the Waters burns here
& it is she who births and rebirths
& sees us in our struggles,
Through all the tragedies
& triumphs of human history
& in the daily labyrinth
Of human life

& it is she who loves
In, and through us
In the large and the small

& she will never forsake us
Whether we stand
Or fall


Pākehā ‘Evidence’ on behalf of the Sacred Feminine who manifests at Te Waikoropupū Springs, and who continues to work in and through humanity despite our many failures, challenges and struggles.

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