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Standing mesmerized before the painting in the Art Vault
Swirls of dark blue and orange, spun on glass

Speak of my struggle to protect you; Te Waikoropupū
& how, over six tempestuous years I push, push through

Obstacle after obstacle as fire and water coalesce
In my veins and whirls of colour reflect the depths

Of my unfettered soul and the convulsion of spirit that led
To the unknown chasms of becoming where you teach

The wisdom of water as it finds its way from lightning-laced
Cloud above Hāmama, through multitudes of sinkholes

& down to the depths of the aquifer where tiny creatures
Push, push through obstacle after obstacle to create

The emergent clarity that holds me, poised and purposeful
In the dancing circles of your wise and loving hands

While high above the cry of the feminine rends the veil
Of the impossible as eagles mate in wild tumbling flight


‘Art Vault Gallery:’ 57 Commercial Street, Tākaka, where I viewed a beautiful painting by artist Beatrice Bourhis titled ‘Pushing through Obstacles.’ The painting later became the cover for my book ‘Outstanding.’

‘Obstacles:’ In the struggle to protect Te Waikoropupū Springs I encountered both internal and external obstacles. Obstacles can be frustratingly tenacious, yet bring unforeseen opportunities.

‘Lightning-laced clouds above Hāmama:’ Storms of thunder and lightning bring heavy rain to the farming district of Hāmama which is in the recharge area of the Arthur Marble Aquifer which feeds Te Waikoropupū Springs.

‘Tiny creatures:’ the stygofauna, who clean the aquifer and help create the crystalline waters of the springs.

‘Your wise and loving hands:’ The hands of the Living Being who is Te Waikoropupū Springs.

‘Two eagles:’ In a vision, I saw two ancient eagles (Te Pouaki) mating as they fell in free flight above Te Waikoropupū Springs.



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