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I’m full of forever
& the memory of jasmine

& forever is a rare, rare thing
& a pearl and taonga

& it travels with me
As I fly Sounds Air
To George Fox House
In Wellington

Where we join the SOS team
Submitting on Justice

Because Justice speaks
The mind of forever
With the heart of forever

& it’s a rare and fragrant thing

& it’s not what you join
That makes the difference
But what you leave

& I leave everything for you
Oh, my precious one

& you fill me with your
Abiding presence

’til all that’s left
Is you

The poem includes two recent ‘Sayings of Humanity:’

He’s full of forever and the memory of jasmine

It’s not a question of joining something;
It’s a question of leaving everything

 ‘George Fox House:’ Quaker accommodation in Central Wellington – It’s proposed that ‘spirituality’ be removed from the new Natural and Inbuilt Planning Bill, as one of the outstanding characteristics of sacred places like Te Waikoropupū Springs. Catherine Iones, Marion Sanson, Peter Horsley and I, from the Save Our Springs Campaign, submitted that ‘spirituality’ should remain one of the outstanding characteristics of Water Conservation Orders (WCO).

Our time with the select committee went well. It was great to be able to stand and sing the Waikoropupū waiata. I am hopeful Te Waikoropupū Springs will be recognised as having ‘outstanding spiritual characteristics for Pākehā.’ They are already recognised within the WCO as having outstanding spiritual characteristics for Māori.

Our submission also applies to future WCOs in which the ‘outstanding spiritual characteristics’ of a waterbody (for Pākehā) need protection.





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