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Day three of invasion
& I just can’t agree
To utter the name
Of the obscenity

Fourteen children lie broken
Bloody and dead
& more will soon follow
I know in my head

But I simply can’t live there
So I drop to the gut
& stand with the ones
Who never give up

As the murderer stares
From his table so vast
His name is a sickness
His face is a mask

He’s iniquities visage
Forever obscene
That rises unending
Where evil is seen

But I’m here for the children
So I turn and ignore
The pitiless monster
Who’s rot to the core

To stand with the parents
& grandparents too
We’re rising for justice
In circles of blue

We’re everyday people
Like me and like you
The people united
Will always breakthrough


‘To utter the name of the obscenity;’ i.e. the name of the President of Russia

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