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Wisdom Sayings with Reflections (2021) 1

Wisdom Sayings, with reflections (2021) 1

‘This is the era of the revolution against thought’

Take care, no one is exempt!
If you ignore the indigenous roots of your soul,
Ignore the motherlands of your sympathetic heart,
Ignore the Star of primordial belonging;
You too will join the rebellion against thought

The era of rationalism and scientism is ‘the era of the revolution against thought.’ From the perspective of the Self, ‘thought’ is part of an integrated consciousness and not what most people consider thinking to be; i.e. what goes on in the head. From the Self’s perspective, true ‘thought’ is the fruit of a relationship with the Self: (‘the Star of primordial belonging’). As we deepen our connection with the Self we depart the wastelands of groupthink and learn to think independently. The Self unites us with the indigenous depths of our soul. The Self also unites us with the motherlands of our empathic heart with its compassion for all life. In the Self, we learn to think, not just in the head, but in unique, whole and imaginative ways.

‘The androgynous heart of humanity’

The heart of humanity is neither masculine nor feminine
It’s deeper down… deeper still… keep going…
Now… feel it
The unique marriage of opposites
Beating at last
In the heart of your hearts

The pilgrimage of awakening eventually leads to ‘the androgynous heart of humanity.’ It’s in the androgynous that the inner opposites; masculine and feminine come to their full expression. It’s in the androgynous that they unite in their unique dance of opposites. It’s in the One Heart you enter the universal dance of the feminine and the masculine.

‘Aim (your poetry) deep, that’s where the sleeper sleeps
& where the sun comes shining to the dawn’

Awakening guides you to the precipice
of risk
Here you must aim deep
Remember; in the depths of the dive
The sun comes shining

The prophetic artist, poet, musician, healer, magician aims deep. Deep is risky, yet, she steps beyond groupthink and offers us the fruits of her intimate explorations and newborn insights. Yes, she will be misunderstood. Yes, she will be rejected. However, she remains true to the flow of her emergent life. ‘Aim deep’ she murmurs; ‘trust the awakener; the rising sun in the dawn in the seeker’s soul.’

‘It pays to be reborn on a month by month basis’

Rebirth is a deep relaxed breath,
It’s out with the old
& in with the new,
Today’s gift is tomorrow’s burden,
Rebirth forever

Spiritual and psychological rebirth is not a once in a lifetime experience. It’s an ongoing and increasingly stretching process. The deeper you go the more challenging and perplexing the road. Stagnation is always a temptation. ‘It pays to be reborn on a month by month basis.

‘It’s crazy to think a shaman is alone’

Out with your crazy thinking!
Even in this isolated place, you are never alone
Embrace the heart of the shaman!
The other world is eternally with you
The green Star of the natural world is
Your lodestone

The shaman enters the depths of solitude yet, he is never alone. He is connected to the powers of the World Soul who watch over him. He is also united with the green Star of the Self who is his lodestone. The inner Star is his magnet guiding him through the many challenges he’s called to face. ‘It’s crazy to think he is alone.

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