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I see in the darkness,

Before mind leaps
To logic

& it’s true
& real –

Behind me,

Fifteen months
On the swaying train

Which is the campaign to save
Te Waikoropupū –

Before me,

The six-month wait
‘Til the Tribunal
Makes its
Decision –

& what’s seen is fleeting

A sail
Among the cloudbanks
That obscure

Born of the mind
That precedes logic –  

It’s the very first thing

The end

Of the tunnel

From a saying given by my wairua, ‘It’s the very first thing at the end of the tunnel.’ When the applicants lowered the nitrate level in the WCO to 0.45 I saw a pathway to victory. I ‘knew’ it could happen. My logical mind sprouted ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ e.g. What if there’s an appeal? What if the TDC attempts to stall the implementation of the WCO? But ‘sight’ is deeper than logic or the conditioned mind. It knows.  

‘A sail on the cloud banks that obscure Taranaki:’ The poem was written in a house overlooking Golden Bay. Occasionally, on clear mornings you can see Mt Taranaki, in the North Island. – Mt Taranaki: symbolically The Mountain (Truth, Insight and Instinctual Knowledge) is always present, but often hidden behind the cloudbanks of conditioning.

This poem was written in mid-2018. It’s January the 2nd 2022 as I publish this on my website. The poem is coming true as many people and organisations are coming together to protect Te Waikoropupu on the 16th of May 2022 when a two-week hearing begins in the Environment Court in Takaka. What was once seen from a vast distance is now becoming very close. We draw near the Mountain.  

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