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Christmas Eve, Vigil


     Christmas Eve, Vigil

To Christ aloud we sing tonight
The eve of all that will come right
To Christ alone, we sing

To Christ the union and the bride
The feminine in male disguise
To Christ alone, we sing

To Christ who leads us through the dark
Who is in us the human spark
To Christ alone, we sing

To Christ who bids us each to come
& with the Earth to stand as one
To Christ alone, we sing

To Christ the strength of creatures vast
The broaching whale, the eagle’s heart
To Christ alone, we sing

To Christ the power of wind and wave
Whose healing power alone can save
To Christ alone, we sing

To Christ who’s tender when we fall
Who is the birth of hope in all
To Christ alone, we sing

Vs 1, I woke to a spiritual song being sung within my soul. I wrote down the words. They became the first verse of this poem. They were hopeful words. The song was being sung by a community so I created a communal song. I wrote six more verses. In the Northern Hemisphere, Christmas is a winter’s solstice celebration; the darkest night passes and the light returns. Verse 1 reflects the hope of returning light, of; ‘all that will come right.’

Vs 2, ‘The feminine in male disguise’. The light that arises in the human heart can be experienced as either feminine or masculine (or neither, or both). Historically in the Christian Church, ‘Christ’ is seen as masculine, so the potential for the birth of the Divine feminine within women (and men) has been ‘disguised.’

Vs 3, ‘Who is in us the human spark.’ The Christ (or Self) is the archetype of humanity. All humans have the Christ/Self within them. The journey of Self Realisation is about awakening and connecting with the inner Christ.

Vs 4, The Christ/Self is one with Creation and manifests through Nature. ‘The Self is the essence of every living thing.’ (Saying)

 Vs 6, ‘Whose healing power alone save’. The Inner Christ (Our Higher Self) ‘saves’ by releasing its regenerative powers within our souls. This creates a process of transformation and healing that is deeply humanising. ‘The Self is a healer and an instrument of healers.’  (Saying)

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