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Join the slouching black-capped man
Tap, tap, tapping rabbit keys

In the untrapped world
Beyond the cesspits

Of misinformation

Where tap-tapping keys
Pounce like cats

Check the facts
That only silence sings

In resurgent hearts
On grey days

Where black rabbit keys
Hop and pause

Pause and hop

Nibble it through
Into the true

Pause and drop
Thin trails of black markings

That only the fierce
Can follow


The first three lines of the poem were given by the Self on the edge of sleep. The poem was built from there.

 ‘Rabbits’; because of their fertility, and the way they inhabit the liminal worlds of dawn and dusk, are symbols of the Goddess.

 ‘Cats;’ symbols of the Sacred Feminine

 Dedicated to my oft-taken-for-granted Logitech keyboard: and the burgeoning Wakamarina roadside, rabbit population.

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